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The following titles by Graham Rice are still in print.

The Complete Book of Perennials (1997) - Reader's Digest (USA)
Hardy Perennials (1995) - Viking (UK), Timber Press (USA) AWARD WINNER!!
Gardener's Guide to Growing Hellebores (with Elizabeth Strangman) (1993) - David & Charles (UK), Timber Press (USA)
Garden Flowers from Seed (with Christopher Lloyd) (1991) - Penguin (UK), Timber Press (USA)
Plants for Problem Places - (1988) Timber Press (UK), Timber Press (USA)

Plus of course
Discovering Annuals - (1999) Frances Lincoln (UK), Timber Press (USA)

The following titles are no longer in print but may be available direct from the author or from bibliofind.
Handbook of Annuals and Bedding Plants (1986)
The Complete Small Garden (1992)
Bedding Plants (1993)
Herbaceous Perennials (1992)
Pruning (1982)
The Gardener's Guide to Perennials (1997) - Mitchell Beazley (UK)
Gardening with Flowers (1994)
Gardening for Beginners (1986)
Perfect Plants (1990)
The Planting Planner (1996) - MacMillan (UK)
1000 Handy Gardening Hints (Major contributor; 1983)
The Gardening Handbook (Editor: 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989)


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Annual Flowers

Annual Flowers

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