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Hardy Perennials
by Graham Rice

Graham Rice In Association with

Graham Rice in association with

Winner of the Garden Writers' Guild Award in 1995, this season-by-season guide to the best, the newest, the most under-rated (and a few of the most over-rated) perennials is full of sparky, first-hand descriptions, revealing stories of their origins, interesting and usual ideas on how to use them in the garden and my own experience of growing these perennially popular plants.


Introduction: Every Virtue

Winter into Spring
Celandines and other Ranunculus
A Final Choice: Cyclamen, Primula, Petasites and more.

Spring Woodlanders
A Final Choice: Tiarella, Dicentra, Epimedium, Ajuga, Aquilegia, Corydalis, Heuchera and more.

Summer: The Drowning Season
A Final Choice: Clematis, Dianthus, Peonies, Acanthus, Lobelia, Lathyrus, Monarda and more

A FInal Choice: Other autumn daisies, Helianthus, Aconitum, Sedum and more

The book: 9x7in, 198 pages, 42 colour pictures, 29 line drawings


'Everyone who grows perennials, whether beginner or specialist, will enjoy this book.'
Brian Halliwell, The Garden

'The seasonal introductions to each chapter are delightfuly poetic, with references to poets and authors. It has the literary quality and originality of writers like E. A. Bowles, Gertrude Jekyll and Christopher Lloyd... Oustandingly informative, beautifully writen, a joy to read.'
Roy Cheek, Gardens Illustrated

'Written for enthusiasts by an enthusiast who is also determined to inspire those on the way to being so'
Allen Paterson, Country Life

'This splendidly written book not only gives you how-to, but why and wherefore, interspersed generously with noted plantsman Graham Rice's wry humor and keen observations. A true pleasure to read, this is at the top of my list for perennial perusing.

Of note: the British Garden Writers Guild named this "Best book on a single subject" the year it was published,and I find it as useful here in the United States - or anywhere in the world plant lovers might live. Do yourself a favor and buy this book.' customer

'I have been having a love affair with Graham Rice's Hardy Perennials for a couple of months now...what is truly remarkable about Mr. Rice is his knowledge of the American horticultural scene, past and present. Many contemporary British garden writers have made the rounds of our lecture circuits, but, beyond an occasional mention of such well-know, lavish gardens as Filoli in California, their experience is seldom evidenced in their work.

Graham Rice is a great exception. He has read widely in American garden writing... This book is chatty, informal, and shot through with wit and good humor, but it is also thoroughly well-informed. Rice is a genuine connoisseur who knows his plants from keen observation, and he conveys his knowledge in an extremely congenial and winning way. '
Allen Lacy, Homeground

'As for Graham Rice's writing and writing style, the words "insightful", "humorous", "interesting" "breezy" when he's relating a favorite anecdote, "down-to-earth" and "scientific" when he wants to bring home a point and, well, yes, "practical", all come to mind.'
Charles Hardman, International Bulb Society

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