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Viola (Pansy)

Pansy 'Can Can Colette'

Pansy 'Can Can'
picture: Plants of Distinction

The first separate colour in ruffled pansies for a very long time, 'Can Can Colette' is the first of a what will grow into a series of individual colours in these delightful pansies with their wavy edged petals. This is a gorgeous container plant, unique in colour pattern and ideal in tubs and window boxes. It's especially valuable for spring colour although it will also thrive in summer in cooler climates.

Type: Best treated as a hardy biennial and sown in summer for autumn, winter and spring flowers; can also be sown in spring and treated as a half-hardy annual for summer flowering.
Height: 6-8in/15-20cm
Season: Autumn, spring and summer plus mild spells in winter.
Situation: Best in tubs, window boxes and other containers or in raised beds. Less successful in bedding displays where its intricate patterning is more difficult to appreciate. 'Can Can Colette' enjoys sun or partial shade.
Plants of Distinction (UK)

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