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Viola (Pansy)

Ruffled pansies

New for 1999!

Pansy 'Can Can'
Pansy 'Can Can Mixed' picture: Plants of Distinction

One group of pansies which really caught my eye in the spring and summer of 1999 were the old fashioned ruffled types, reborn in a new guise. The 'Chalon Giants', sometimes seen as 'Rococco', with their blotched faces and uniquely ruffled edges to the petals had deteriorated over the years but now three much improved varieties in the same vein have appeared. They're best grown in a tub or window box where their unusual form can best be appreciated.

The British bred 'Chalon Improved' is a bargain mixture, with fairly well ruffled petals, though unfortunately it's a little dark in its colour range although this is being improved; it's still excellent value. 'Contessa', which originates in California, is five times the price, seed for seed, but is an F1 hybrid so flowers earlier and for longer and is more prolific although the flowers are only slightly ruffled. Preceding hem all in this recent revival was the well-ruffled 'Can-Can' mix (left), bred in Italy; this is the best value and boasts the brightest colours. More recently the first single colour has arrived, 'Can Can Colette' in raspberry pink. It's gorgeous.

Type: Grow as a hardy biennial or half-hardy annual.
Height: 6-8in/15-20cm
Season: spring or summer, depending on sowing time.
Situation: Best in tubs or other containers where the pretty patterning can be best appreciated.
Source: 'Contessa'
DT Brown (UK), HPS Seed (USA); 'Chalon Improved' Mr Fothergill (UK); 'Can Can' Plants of Distinction, Mr Fothergill (UK), HPS Seed (USA); 'Can Can Colette' Plants of Distinction.

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