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Ipomeoa (Morning glory)
Growing guide

Spectacular climbing annuals for sunny sites, or partial shade in warm areas.

Type Vigorous and very beautiful hardy or half-hardy annual climber.

Garden conditions Best in good soil which does not dry out and with plenty of sun when it will flower all summer on a fence or wall. Some are unsuitable for cold summers. Needs support from wires, trellis or mature shrubs. Thrives in large tubs, some also good trailing in baskets.

Sowing indoors Sow the seeds of tender forms in mid spring, in pairs, in 31/2in/7.5cm pots of fresh potting compost and cover with their own depth of compost. Keep moist and germinate at 75F/22C. If both seeds germinate, remove the weaker of the two. Hardier forms can be sown later and cooler.

Growing on Once the plants are growing well, provide a cane for support and reduce the temperature to 60F/15C. Low temperatures will stunt growth and cause cream streaks in the foliage.

Potting on Move on into 5in/12.5cm pots as the pot fills with roots and provide extra support; pinch back to prevent lank growth.

Planting out Harden off very carefully as sudden drops in temperature can halt growth. Plant alongside supports and water in with a liquid feed.

Sowing outdoors Sow tender forms direct 6in/15cm apart in spring in warm areas like Florida only. Hardier forms can be sown in the same way in mid or late spring in most areas.

Pests and diseases Greenfly can attack before and after planting.

Variety Guide - Hardier varieties
'Grandpa Otts' Rich violet flowers with red streaks and a pink throat.
'Star of Yelta' Silky deep purple flowers with narrow reddish streaks and a white throat.

Variety guide &endash; Tender varieties
'Chocolate' Pale milk-chocolate flowers; best in warm summers.
'Fuji Mix' Striped flowers in purple, pink, blue and crimson; best in warm areas.
'Heavenly Blue' Gorgeous silky sky blue trumpets, best all-round variety.
'Minibar Rose' Rosy red flowers and horrid white streaked leaves.
'Mini-Sky Blue' Less vigorous version of 'Heavenly Blue', good in baskets. 'Scarlett O'Hara' Wine red, one of the tougher ones.

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