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I've been growing plants and writing about plants and gardens, and photographing plants, for many years and have written for most of the major gardening magazines and book publishers. I've published more than twenty books, won five writing awards - on both sides of the Atlantic - and been shortlisted for more. I'm a judge at the Chelsea Flower Show and member of a number of Royal Horticultural Society committees. These days I garden in both Northamptonshire in England, and in Pennsylvania.

Here at you read about my background, you read some of my work online, you can read reviews of my books on the individual books pages and order copies from or Some titles even have their own websites.¨›

Recently my priority has been as Editor-in-Chief of a huge new Encyclopedia of Perennials. This was published in a British edition with the Royal Horticultural Society, in an American edition with the American Horticultural Society and also in a Canadian edition.

I've also been working on All-in-One Garden, a book that reveals how easy it is to grow ornamental herbs and vegetables with flowers in the same beds, borders and containers as flowers. This is also now out.

I've also launched a blog, Transatlantic Plantsman, where I discuss (and sometimes sound off about about) plants, plant books, nurseries, garden wildlife and occasionally other Transatlantic matters. You can also follow my reviews, lectures and the like on my blog on

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