Small gardens Plants and planting in small spaces
Hardy perennial plants Anything and everything on hardy perennials
Natives and invasives Wild flowers and alien arrivals
Gardening for beginners Basic ideas, expressed in a lively and accessible
Planning perennial and mixed borders Making the total greater than the sum of its parts
Sweet peas Fragrant summer favourites
Patio gardening Containers and borders for the room outside
Hardy and half-hardy annual flowers Choosing, raising, planting and design ideas
Spring and summer bedding plants Brilliant colour, from easy-to-grow plants
Temp-perennials Exotic and easy summer flowers
Old fashioned and heirloom flowers Looking back to the plants of the past
Container plants and container gardening Tubs, baskets and window boxes all the year round
New plant introductions New varieties from around the world
Plant breeding Developments and techniques from around the world
Plant names Making sense of plant names
British gardens Around the country, public and private
Growing vegetables Crops with flavour all the year round
Plant associations and combinations Grouping plants together to create plant pictures
Town gardening Making the most of small spaces in cosier microclimates
Hellebores Classification, culture and choice of these essential winter perennials
Winter flowers Creating colour in the bleakest months
Gardening with British native plants Natural gardening with wild flowers and their varieties
Transatlantic gardening Graham has gardens on both sides of the Atlantic.
Internet Gardening Creating and using gardening websites.
Ornamental vegetables and herbs Food that’s beautiful as well as tasty
Gardening publishing Magazine and book publishing around the world

Plant photogrpahy Plant portraits and plant associations represented by gardenphotos.com

The Sweet Pea Book
The Sweet Pea Book (2003)
A book for gardeners.
Ultimate Book of Small Gardens
The Ultimate Book of Small Gardens (2004)
All-in-One Garden
The All-in-One Garden (September 2006)

Encyclopedia of Perennials (September/October 2006)

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