Trained at the finest botanical and horticultural school in the world, I’ve written for publications as varied as national newspapers and society newsletters, from scientific journals to specialist gardening magazines to mass market weeklies. I’ve worked on the largest gardening website and built my own, and appeared on local and national TV and radio. I’ve published more than twenty books in a dozen countries and won seven awards.
Background In Brief

Trained at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Winner of six writing awards on both sides of the Atlantic
Acknowledged expert on perennials and annuals
Published in scientific journals, newspapers, specialist magazines, mass market weeklies, websites and more
National newspaper columnist
Chelsea Flower Show judge
Publishing consultant
Plant photographer
Web consultant
Many TV and radio appearances
Recent appearances include

The Guardian
Daily Telegraph
Organic Gardening
The Garden (Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society)
Gardener's World magazine
American Gardener (American Horticultural Society)
Amateur Gardening magazine
The Plantsman (Royal Horticultural Society)
Two busy blogs and Twitter
The most comprehensive book on perennials ever published
Two recent books from Timber Press
New ebook series
Services available.

Features on every aspect of plants and gardening
Topical blogs
Expert plant profiles
Sharp and perceptive comment
Regular columns
Words and pictures packages
Book and website reviews
Books for the expert or beginner
Publishing and plant consultancy
Access to over 200,000 garden and plant images with
Unique transatlantic view with gardens in the UK and the USA
The Sweet Pea Book
The Sweet Pea Book (2003)
A book for gardeners.
Ultimate Book of Small Gardens
The Ultimate Book of Small Gardens (2004)
All-in-One Garden
The All-in-One Garden (September 2006)

Encyclopedia of Perennials (September/October 2006)

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