Graham has assembled an extensive archive of features, magazine series, photography and book content on a vast variety of gardening topics. Targeted at all levels of experience, there's material for new gardeners just starting out and at the other end of the spectrum for botanical horticulturalists - and everything in between.

This wide-ranging bank of information, gathered from his work which has appeared in major newspapers and magazines and from his best-selling books, is available for re-use, as is or updated, for republication or for adaptation for the web.

Features and series Anything and everything, right across the gardening spectrum - for print or web.
Books For revision, republication or adaptation for the web, or repurposing as apps or ebooks
Choose a topic Graham can assemble a collection of appropriate material
Columns Entertaining, inspiring and practical, in long runs
Photography Countless thousands of plant portraits and plant combinations represented by

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The Sweet Pea Book
The Sweet Pea Book (2003)
A book for gardeners.
Ultimate Book of Small Gardens
The Ultimate Book of Small Gardens (2004)
All-in-One Garden
The All-in-One Garden (September 2006)

Encyclopedia of Perennials (September/October 2006)

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