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Additional information to supplement my article in the December 2007 issue of The Planntsman

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More information on breeders and plants
Jim Ault/Chicago Botanic Garden breeding
Introduction to their plant breeding
Chicagoland Grows Plant Introduction Program

Kevin Hurd/Walters Gardens breeding
Echinacea ‘All That Jazz’

Harini Koliparan/TerraNova Nurseries breeding
TerraNova’s echinaceas

Richard Saul/ItSaul Plants breeding
ItSaul Plants website
Echinacea photo gallery
Echinacea Crazy Pink (‘Adam Saul’)

Charles Valin/Thompson & Morgan breeding
Click here for a post about these plants on my blog
Click here for a slide show of plants in the T&M breeding program

RHS Echinacea trial
Echinaceas from plants 2001-2003
Echinaceas from seed 2002-2003

Other (mainly non-hybrid) echinaceas
AB Cultivars
Luc Klinkhammer’s echinacea gallery

I would like to thank the breeders Jim Ault (Chicago Botanic Garden), Kevin Hurd (Walters Gardens), Harini Koliparan (TerraNova Nurseries), Richard Saul (ItSaul Plants) and Charles Valin (Thompson and Morgan) for their help with this article along with National Collection holder Tony Brooks, Bob and Ed Brown (Cotswold Garden Flowers), Barrie Sims (Thompson and Morgan Wholesale), Chris Lindsey (Bon Vivant Nursery), and Rob and Diane Cole (Meadow Farm Garden and Nursery).

National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens
National Collection® of Echinacea

Binns, Baum and Anderson, 2002
A Taxonomic revision of Echinacea (Asteraceae: Helianthae)
Shannon E. Binns, Bernard R. Baum and John Thor Arnason
Systematic Botany (2002), 27(3)

cGregor, 1968
The taxonomy of the genus Echinacea (Compositae)
R. L. MacGregor
University of Kansas Science Bulletin (1968), 48 (4)

McKeon, 1999
A Review of the Taxonomy of the Genus Echinacea
Kathleen A. Mckeon
Perspective on new crops and new uses (1999)
Full text here

Sources of supply – UK
Echinaceas in the RHS PlantFinder
Bressingham Gardens (scroll down)
Claire Austin Hardy Plants
Cottage Garden Flowers
Cottage Nurrseries (scroll down)

Sources of supply – North America
Big Dipper Farm
Forest Farm
Plant Delights
Sugar Creek Gardens
White Flower Farm

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