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Annual Flowers

New varieties for 2000 (Britain)

Every autumn the mail order seed companies launch their new flower seed varieties and this season sees many exciting new flowers appearing in the seed catalogues for the first time. These have been developed by flower breeders from around the world, all using traditional breeding methods - none have utilised GM techniques.

There are some stunning newcomers this year, and I've picked out my choice of the best. These are varieties I've grown myself or seen on the flower trials in the last few summers and which I can heartily recommend. I've also selected another 'best of the rest' range and you can also see the full A-Z list of all those varieties which are flagged as 'new' in the catalogues for 2000.

But before you look at the full list, a warning: not everything flagged as 'new' is actually a brand spanking new, previously unseen variety. 'New' can mean 'never previously available anywhere'; it can also mean that it features in one supplier's catalogue for the first time even though other companies have listed it for years &endash; and this year one 'new' introduction was first introduced at least fifteen years ago. And in one catalogue 'new' actually means 'new last year'.

These new introductions are as listed by the individual seed companies, under their own names. My list features new varieties from DT Brown & Co, Dobies Seeds, Mr Fothergill's Seeds, Suttons Seeds, Unwins Seeds and Thompson & Morgan Seeds and there are 334 in all... with some catalogues still not out!

Graham Rice's choice of the best new varieties
Full A-Z listing

Reviews of the new flower seed catalogues for 2000
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Annual Flowers

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