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Impatiens (Busy lizzie)
Impatiens 'Mosaic Lilac'

Impatiens 'Mosaic Lilac'
Type: Half-hardy annual
Height: 8-10in (20-25cm)
Season: Early summer to first frosts
Situation: Sun, good soil; hates drought.

Impatiens are the world's top selling summer annuals and the big multinational plant breeding companies are in fierce competition, desperate to make the next breakthrough. The Mosaic Series from PanAmercan Seeds is a unique breakthrough, not just because its flower pattern is so new.

This new style of impatiens invigorates the bedding plant market but the delicate patterning which is such a feature of the Mosaic Series also invites admiration from plantsman-gardeners for whom bedding plants are something to be scorned.

'Mosaic Lilac' is the first of the series; 'Mosaic Pink', in a powerfully pink shade, is now released and other colours are on the way; don't expect a rush of them and don't expect them to match the Super Elfin Series or the new Dazzler Series in the number of colours... some people hate the Mosaics and there will never be more than a small series.

In most respects the Mosaic Series behaves like other modern impatiens and best planted in tubs or especially in window boxes where the patterning can easily be seen at close quarters.

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