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Eschscholzia (California poppy)

Eschscholzia 'Champagne and Roses'

New for 2000!

California poppy 'Champagne and Roses'
picture: ©copyright Thompson & Morgan

California poppies are amongst the most fashionable of hardy annuals and there have been many great new varieties in recent years. 'Champagne & Roses' is one of the best, with prettily fluted flowers in harmonising shades of pink, from champagne to deep rose and the backs of the pale petals are a darker pink giving a pretty two-tone effect. It's compact in growth, looks great in gravel and flowers for months. This is another newcomer from the breeding work of Thompson and Morgan who are increasingly developing good new varieties specially for the home gardener.

Type: Half annual
Height: 8-10in/20-25cm
Season: Early to late summer
Situation: Best in full sun.
Thompson and Morgan Seeds (UK and USA)


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