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Summerfield Books
by Brian Mathew

This is the book which started it all. Brian Mathew's classic was the first to present a coherent and logical classification for plantsman gardeners and to bring together dependable information on both species and cultivars in one place. The key to the species and detailed descriptions are invaluable and the history of hellebores in gardens is detailed and fascinating.

Special features
10 superb colour paintings by Mary Grierson; excellent key; detailed descriptions of species and subspecies; list of all cultivars known at the time; a full detailed account of species and their natural distribution cultivars; excellent phtographs. An Alpine Garden Society monograph.

Hellebores and Herbalism
Toxicity of Hellebores
Medicinal Uses of Hellebores

The Genus Helleborus
The Structure of Hellebores
Classification of the Genus Helleborus
Hellebore cultivars and hybrids
Hellebore troubles

The book
180 pages; 10in x 8in; 10 paintings by Mary Grierson; 70 other photographs, mainly in colour; colour pictures; distribution map and other line drawings.
Unfortunately this excellent title is now out of print. It is hard to find in the secondhand market but online sources (left) are always worth a try.
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