Powerhouse Plants by Graham Rice with photography by judywhite
POWERHOUSE PLANTS 510 Top Performers For Multi-Season Beauty
Powerhouse Plants book by Graham Rice and judywhite
Powerhouse Plants by Graham Rice, photography by judywhite
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"Most gardeners hoping to create attractive gardens think first of flowers. But plants have so many other appealing features which add color and shape and texture to bring life to our lives and our gardens. Every feature of a plant, from its emerging spring shoots to its lofty maturity, has the potential to bring us interest and admiration – or just pure color.

"But why stop at plants that do just one thing, have just one appeal? Why not choose plants that have more than one season of interest - Powerhouse Plants. These are plants that combine two, three or even four entirely different features so that, at different times of the year, different displays are revealed at the same place in the garden – from just one plant."

Powerhouse Plants - Multi-Season Plants - Graham Rice
This invaluable new book features almost 300 pages of plant advice from expert plantsman Graham Rice, plus over 300 beautiful plant pictures revealing the multi-season fascination of these wonderful plants from award-winning photographer judywhite. Check out the reviews below.
510 different trees, shrubs, perennials, climbers and more to bring multi-season color to your garden

Just one plant can bring four bursts of seasonal colour

Written by award-winning writer Graham Rice

With pictures from award-winning photographer judywhite
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Powerhouse Plants by Graham Rice

The reviews are starting to come in...

"Promises to be an abiding reference for year-round gardeners." Garden Design

"Offers a mind-boggling number of suggestions. ... It's about making the most of the space in your garden. And that's always a good idea." Philadelphia Inquirer

"Learn about ... how to choose hardworking plants that provide garden interest, in some cases, from spring through winter." Norfolk Virginian-Pilot

“There’s no need to settle for a garden that looks great in spring or summer but makes you want to yawn during the rest of the year. Add some powerhouse plants, and you’ll be on your way to a garden that delights you in every season.” North Dallas Gazette

“Captivating color photographs by judywhite” Academic OneFile

"Concise care and habit information is augmented by captivating color photographs by judywhite that showcase these hardworking, must-have garden standouts." Booklist

“Gardeners who struggle to maximize the visual appeal of their small gardens will be relieved that there is now a handbook to help make that an easier task. Creative homeowners with larger gardens will also benefit because versatile, all-season, powerhouse plants enrich the appearance of all gardens, regardless of their size.” Allan Becker Garden Guru blog

“What a great book!” Steuben Courier

“With this indispensable guide in hand, you can leave the slacker plants behind and get the most from your money and landscape.” Mother Earth News

Fantastic Resource and Good Read I love this book. I recently began building a hedgerow in my front yard to help with noise, light pollution, vagabond deterrent, bird hummingbird butterfly attractor, and overall privacy screen ---- clearly a job for powerhouse plants. This book has been and continues to be a wonderful aid in my plant selection process. It also has care and site requirements that has taken a lot of stress out of how to begin my planting plan. Love it, would buy for friends and family.” Amazon.com customer review

There’s no need to settle for a garden that looks great in spring or summer but makes you want to yawn during the rest of the year. Add some powerhouse plants, and you’ll be on your way to a garden that delights you in every season…. These outstanding garden denizens are the subject of Graham Rice’s new book." North Dallas Gazette

“What a great book!” The Leader